What are some good ways to correct a stiff neck?

Stiff neck. Neck pain can be caused by and not limited to: incorrect positioning a for prolong period of time, facet arthropathy, muscle strain, bone spurs, degenerative disc disease, stress/tension, herniated disc, meningitis. The main contributor to pain is one's lifestyle. If neck pain persists it's important to see your pcp. They will most likely first recommend an nsaid, a muscle relaxant, and rest.
Neck. Neck is stiff? We need to know the answer to a few questions. History of trauma? Recent strep infection? Having a fever or headache? Or simply did you sleep in a wrong position? Providing there are no yes answers to the first 3 questions, heat pads, gentle massage, passive range of motion exercise and non steroidal such as Ibuprofen is usually enough.If symptoms persist, please see a doctor.