Can a vaginal yeast infection or the antibiotics you take for it cause white spots on throat?

Oral candidiasis. The white spots on your throat are probably thrush. That means you have a yeast infection in your mouth and probably your entire digestive tract. It's likely that yeast from your colon is reinfecting your vagina making it impossible to cure. It's also possible that you have a weakened immune system. This could be or become a serious problem. See your doctor soon.
Antibiotic, and. The big braod spectrum ones, imbalance the natural gut flora: what's left are resistant bacteria and yeasts and fungi that overgrow. Ketoconazole wipes the yeast out, but probiotic lactobaccili and yoghurt help restore benign organis to restore a symbiotic balance.

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Does a vaginal yeast infection can cause a small pimples above the urethra?

Satellites? Yeast infections can cause a red rash with "satellite" lesions extending from the main rash. The small pimples you describe could be "satellites". Read more...