How can you reduce your own snoring?

Several tips. No muscle relaxants, alcohol, & sleeping aids prior to sleep; improve nasal airflow by using a decongestant (oral or topical - if these work, though, you can't use these otc meds indefinitely. You will need to be evaluated by an ent) or breathe-right strips; avoid sleeping on your back. If you find that you are snoring & having fatigue during the day, you might have sleep apnea. You should see ent.
Snoring. Snoring is about airway blockage, generally with mouth breathing. Anything that plugs your nose may lead to airway blockage and mouth breathing with snoring. Blockage anyplace else, such as the soft palate, big tonsils, and an enlarge tongue, may also contribute. If snoring is bothering the person you sleep with, or is interrupting your sleep quality, go see your doctor. A sleep study will help.