How long does HIV seroconversion take?

Varies with person. Generally 2 weeks to 3 months, but there have been reports of people having delayed seroconversion. There are many doctors who think most of these people had more recent reexposures rather than delayed responses, but hard to always document clearly.

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How long does HIV seroconversion usually take? When does one test positive for HIV with blood test?

Different tests. There are several tests. "Seroconversion" usually means development of antibody that can be detected in blood tests. The standard, modern HIV antibody tests usually are positive within 4 weeks and virtually always by 6-8 weeks. HIV p24 antigen or DNA usually can be detected within 10-20 days after infection. The best single blood test is for both p24 and antibody. It is conclusive by 4 weeks. Read more...