How does epilepsy and seizures affect your heart?

Sudden death in epi. During a seizure like tonic clonic heart rate and BP increase-- so depending on duration of seizure and its cause the effect on heart may be none or serious some seizures in sleep cause death either from vomiting aspiration, or heart irregularities.

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Does being on atenolol cause seizures or epilepsy? I was on atenolol for a long time and experienced a seizure and slow heart beat.

Doubt. Atenolol is a beta blocker and is used therapeutically for abnormal rapid heart rates and for blood pressure control. It has the potential to drop a heart rate low enough to decrease brain perfusion and cause loss of consciousness and transient "seizure-like" activity. It does not 'cause' epilepsy' though.

How can epileptic seizures affect the heart?

By causing a strain. Seizures do not directly effect the heart, but the intense muscle movements and the resulting strain puts a burden on the heart. During a seizure a patient may seem to turn blue. This results from the body shunting blood from the skin to the core organs like the heart to provide sufficient oxygen. Even though the patient seems blue, they are usually breathing shallowly.

Can you tell me how epileptic seizures affect the heart?

Indirectly. A generalized concussion can be associated with increase in blood pressure and increase in pulse. Would be unusual for a heart attack in most cases, but brief cardiac arrythmias have been seen during seizure activity.

Smartband recorded high heartrate @ sleep. Atleast 150+ lasting 40 minutes. Seizure disorder or HEART? Upon wake-up felt like seizure.

Fast heart rate. Is not usually a sign of seizure, and it can happen all on its own. There's no reason a fast heart rate it should have awakened you unless there was pain. You probably had an episode of tachycardia. If it was a seizure, you might have found that the bed was wet, or some damage to your tongue or teeth. If concerned, though, see a doctor to evaluate you for seizures in the wake of TBI.

How do epileptic seizures affect the heart? How do epileptic seizures affect the heart? I have weekly seizures for about 1-2 years. Should I also be concerned with other symptoms that can affect my body? I also have problems controlling my hands, dyslexi

Seizures. Seizures can do two things to the heart. First, during the seizure, they can make the heart go either too fast or too slow. This is because they can activate the autonomic nervous system that controls heart rate. This is usually not dangerous unless your seizures make your heart slow down too much or stop, which does happen to some people. The second thing is more concerning: in people with uncontrolled seizures, there is a disease called sudep --"sudden unexplained death in epilepsy." for reasons we don't understand, people just die with no cause. We think it is because the heart stops. The scary thing is that out of 1000 people having seizures, somewhere between 1 and 5 of them will die every year. That is why we try to stop all seizures in our patients. You should not just accept having 1 per week.
Can be serious. Patients with epilepsy are at risk for heart disorders. There can be arrhythmia during a seizure, and the stress of seizures can cause stress on the heart. You need a thorough medical and neurological evaluation. You may need to request a discussion concerning sudep. You need an intense discussion with an appropriate epilepsy expert.

Can depression cause severe illnesses such as Schizophrenia, dementia, epilepsy, insomnia, or any types of long term or short term heart problems?

Multiple questions. Hi, Thank you for your question. Depression can be a part of the other problems you suggested but it won't directly cause anything else (maybe insomnia). Depression on its own won't cause heart problems. Hope that helps. Contact me if you have any other questions :-) Dr. M.

Heart problems I have been having for some time now exhaustion, aching all over my body fatigue, agitation, panic attacks, and lots of daily chest pain I want to know what could be wrong with me some of my ailments include, diabetes, epilepsy, hypertensi

With. With your medical history it is crucial you do not ignore the daily chest pains. Chest pains are indicative of heart attack. Moreover, the fatigue and agitiation you are feeling could be a related to cardiac tissue damage and inability of your heart to delivery necessary oxygen and nurtrients to your body. If you are experiencing active chest pain, get help. Call 911. Do not drive.
See your doctor! There are lots of potential explanations and diagnoses associated with your symptoms, some of which may be serious. See your doctor for complete evaluation asap! If you have not gotten an appropriate diagnosis and therapy, find another doctor.
Have it evaluated. A person with chest pain needs to be evaluated and treated appropriately. Multiple possible causes may be: heart attack, esophageal reflux, anxiety, musculoskeletal, pneumonia, pulmonary embolus, and aortic dissection. Have it evaluated right away to prevent potential serious complications.

I've had about 12 seizures and we still don't know what's causing them. Can seizures possibly be caused by something wrong with the heart?

Complex issue. Seizures are an event of the brain that may be caused by poor heart function or may itself cause poor heart function. Detailed monitoring of cardiac function before, during and after a seizure can be very revealing, but may still not really answer the question. Careful heart evaluation and careful brain evaluation must both be done. Talk to your doctor about sudep.