My daughter is only 24 days, her face always look yellow, we went to hospital nearby, doctor said it is the breast milk jaundice, how to deal with?

See below. Breast milk jaundice often causes noticeable jaundice up to 6 weeks. However, it will be prudent to monitor the level of bilirubin (yellow pigment in blood) not to reach above 25 mg/dl.
Follow up visit. I agree that this may be related to breast milk related jaundice. There are many causes for jaundice at that age. I would suggest noting down any worsening and the color of her stools for your pediatrician. I would suggest a follow up visit within 7 days.
Breast milk jaundice. Stop breast feeding for several days. Also depending on how high the jaundice is she may need to be put under the bilirubin lights.