Irregular and rapid heart beat on strong coffee. Normal?

Possible but avoid. Try to avoid known stimulants, because when you cause arrythmias you can increase the chance of dangerous ones. Without looking at an ecg, it's hard to tell if what you're feeling is a dangerous or benign arrythmia.
No. An irregular heartbeat is almost never normal. Coffee can trigger atrial fibrillation (afib). Afib is a heart arrythmia that can cause your blood to clot and this can result in a stroke. If you consistently develop an irregular heartbeat while drinking coffee, you should stop drinking it, as well as tea. Also speak to your doctor about the irregular heartbeat. She/he may prescribe a baby aspirin.

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I ve had rapid heart beat for months now, around 100 or a bit above, I am 38 and most of my blood tests were normal, any idea what may be the cause?

Most were normal? So what tests were out of range? A high thyroid level might cause your heart rate to accelerate. Being anemic (low red blood cell count or low hematocrit) may result in an increased heart rate, as your heart beats faster to try to circulate more oxygen to your cells. Anxiety can increase your heart rate. Btw, I'm assuming that your heart is normal, but it would be reasonable to get that checked!

Hoping you can tell me, is rapid heart beat and extreme tiredness normal with a cold?

Cold. Different folks respond differently when having a cold. A rapid heart rate and severe fatigue could be seen with a cold. It would be more common with influenza.