For 43 yr old male with high cholesterol, is taking co q 10 plus omega3 good and can it be taken for lifetime or for a specific time?

No. Unfortunately omegas lower triglycerides, little effect on cholesterol.
Probably worthless. Your best defense against cholesterol problems is diet and exercise. The last 3 out of 3 studies on omega-3's, including a deeply troubling on on the inuit / eskimo peoples themselves, showed no benefit. Coenzyme q is tooted for all heart disease because there is one rare genetic defect for which it's effective. Man up, and comply with instructions from an informed physician.
Yes. Coq10 is already present in every cell of our body; life as we know is not possible without it. It's perfectly safe to take our entire life. Our bodies can't make omega 3's and they're essential for good health; unless you get them from diet or supplements you can not have good health. It is essential to ingest omega 3's all one's life. Re: chol. See http://bit.Ly/1era8lt ; http://bit.Ly/13o0nkq.