How commonly can lack of sleep cause headaches and poor concentration?

Often. Sleep deprivation is bad for you health and can make headaches worse.
Quite Common. Lack of sleep can cause a number of ailments: poor concentration, poor memory, altered mood, fatigue, headaches (even migraines), lack of attentiveness, and many other effects. It is very similar to being intoxicated. It is very important to see a doctor to evaluate why you have lack of sleep. It is not healthy to be sleep deprived.
Frequently. Headaches and poor concentration are common symptoms of inadequate sleep.

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Can a lack of sleep cause poor concentration?

Sleep deprivation. Definitely people who sleep an average of less than 6 hours per night operate like someone legally drunk and the risk of accidents doubles.

I have constant earworms (different songs 24/7).Think this is linked to years of sleep deprivation since it leads to poor concentration. Can I recover?

Need. ENT evaluation and or Psychiatrist. Though sleep deprivation does lead poor. Concentration and irritability. I doubt the auditory hallucinations can be easily explained.

I have seizures, they had stopped. Haven't been on any anti-convulsants. Lately, I've been very restless in my sleep, slight auras, with a headache throughout the day, poor concentration & periodic confusion. Could this be a relapse? No Dr. Currently

See a physician soon. What you are describing is quite possibly seizures and post-seizure experiences ("ictal" and "post-ictal" events) of which you are unaware. A neurologist can go over these events as well as understand better your past medical/seizure history and correlate whether there are requirements for additional testing, and therapeutic intervention if appropriate.