There's a girl I wanna get intimate with but I know she's had coldsores in the past if we have sex and kiss is there a chance for me to get hsv1?

HSV1. Most people have hsv1 (common cold sore) caused by the coxsackievirus you get with chicken pox. Some people never get a cold sore some do when they get run down. As long as you do not have an open wound in your mouth or cracked lips you are okay for kissing. Sex should be okay as long as neither have hsv2 and be sure you both use protection.
Herpes One. 75% of americans have herpes type one, or the common simplex herpes virus that causes most oral herpes infections. If you have not had a blood test then you cannot say you do not already have this virus. If you are one of the few people who do not have this infection, then yes you can get exposed and get infected with this common virus.
Most had HSV1. Most people have had hsv1 whether they remember it or not. Many go on and have frequent cold sores which is just the same virus which stays with us recurring, having said that you can catch it if you are one of the rare people who has never had hsv1 and with oral sex there are now cases of genital hsv1.
Possible only if. Your partner have any open sores, healed closed sores are not contagious ..
Cold sores and sex. Yes, but cold sores are only infectious when there exists an active cold sore. Healed cold sores are not contageous.