What causes essential hypertension in adults?

We don't know. "essential" hypertension is a fancy way for us to say that we have absolutely no clue as to why your blood pressure is high.
No one knows........ No one knows. It's partly aging, a large part genetics, sometimes diet, sometimes weight, sometimes lack of exercise, but often it's genetics and? The key is: treat it. Do any lifestyle changes you need (weight, diet, exercise) and take meds if needed. Hypertension doesn't hurt until it's too late. Treat it, no matter what the cause.
Idiopatic. Generally, arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, as occurs with aging...
We don't know. Honestly, we don't really know. We know how it happens, what hormones and organs are involved and we know why it's bad. But as to what is the causative factor that starts it...We don't know.
BrainControls Hidden. Essential just means is. BP is a balance of CO (cardiac output: pump volume) vs. TPR (total peripheral resistance: Av. Arteriole size), both under brain control 24/7 (internal control of physical responses). Issues which ↑ either CO or TPR, eg. Internalized frustration, anger, pain &/or ↑ed body wt typically ↑BP, in precise proportion to issue. Doctors typically treat physical behaviors, not cause.

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What can cause essential hypertension?

NoIdentifiableCauses. Essential hypertension is Hypertension in which there are no causes to be found. It is also called Primary or Idiopathic Hypertension But having said that there are some common factors in some Family History Race It is more common in Black people Too much salt intake in some Smoking Obesity Cerain Meds like NSAid like Motrin and Naproxen Sodium, corticosteroid, Antidepressants. BCPs, decongestants,

Please tell me what causes essential hypertension?

Essential Hypertensi. Essential hypertension (also called primary hypertension or idiopathic hypertension) is the form of hypertension that has no identifiable cause. It is the most common type of hypertension, affecting 95% of hypertensive patients, it tends to be familial and is likely to be the consequence of an interaction between environmental and genetic factors.

Essential hypertension: I suppose this starts at birth? What are the causes if this does not?

Inherited. You generally inherit a predisposition to become hypertensive from your parents. When it acutually shows up as hypertension in you is variable, but typically as a yourn adult or in middle age.

How likely is it that I have essential hypertension (vs. Secondary) as an adult when both parents did not?

You're 59. 90% of people with HTN have essential htn. Most cases of secondary HTN occur in younger people. If you have any form of kidney disease, that's the probable cause. That said, the cause isn't really very important because at your age, it generally isn't correctable. Just treat the HTN to lower your risk of complications, regardless of cause.
Not unusual. Hypertension is about twice as common in subjects who have one or two hypertensive parents and multiple epidemiologic studies suggest that genetic factors account for approximately 30 percent of the variation in blood pressure in various populations. I find, however, that frequently patients will have parents that have hypertension that has simply not been diagnosed.

Why is it that physicians do not know the cause of essential hypertension that leads to heart attacks and strokes?

Because.... ..it hasn't been discovered yet. It's not just physicians who don't know the cause; nobody knows the cause. That's why it's called essential. It certainly isn't for want of trying. And when they do find the cause, it still won't be curable, only treatable. It's hereditary, & probably not just 1 gene, but many.

Whats essential hypertension?

Hypertension. Essential hypertension is due to genetic/hereditary issues. It means that the cause of high blood pressure is not due to any reversible causes - fix it and it goes away. Many patients require several medications to control their blood pressure adequately. Thanks mom and dad.
IdiopathicNoPhysical. Essential: another term for idiopathic: no known physical (other than mind/brain) basis. BP is a balance of co (cardiac output; heart pumping) vs. Tpr (total peripheral resistance), both under brain control 24/7 (hidden yet physical responses). Doctors can’t physically see mind or brain function, only the resulting behavior, thus call the behavior essential/idiopathic, no apparent physical basis.