Cardiologist said premature ventricular contractions were causing me to pass out. BP 118/100 HR 105 at appt. Does Pvc cause high BP? Is PVC result of high BP? Is it bad my system and dia are so close together?

PCPs NOT RELATED/BP. Pcps are not caused directly due to high blood pressure and pvcs do not cause high bp.Your systolic and diastolic are not that close together, but you do have highbp discuss your concerns with your cardiologist as you do need to get your BP controlled and rhythm taken care of as you are passing out and that is a serious symptom/sign and needs to be taken care of.
NO NO NO NO. Probably you did not understand. Something is wrong. Why cardiac cath? Why pvc? Cardiac diagnosis? Smoke? Caffeine? Herbs or meth or cocaine? Normal sleep?
PVCs are a symptom. The PVC arises from an irritable site in the heart. If you have a string of them it causes diminished cardiac output and you may pass out. Much more alarming is your blood pressure and pulse. If those readings are accurate you could be developing a cardiac tamponade. Go the emergency room right away. Do not wait.