My dentist said I have a very dry mouth. How to fix it?

Several strategies. It depends on the cause. Most dry mouth is a side effect of medications. If this is you then you may check on the timing of taking your medications to avoid compounding the problem with two or more drying medications. Some diseases such as sjogrens syndrome causes the salivary glands to under produce. Fluoride trays, meticulous oral care are important. There are comercial products to allviate the.
Dry Mouth Treatments. There are several products on the market that either act as saliva replacements or saliva stimulants, biotene makes a selection of these for example. For a more at home remedy, you can stimulate saliva production by chewing sugar free gum or sucking on something sour (be careful of the acids!). Salagen is available by prescription for the more severe cases.
Nose. Dry mouth can come from mouth breathing, esp at night. Keep nose clear to prevent.Also meds or sjogrens syndrome.See your personal provider for further evaluation.