I have been married for 30 years. While in university, I had lots of sexual partners. For the past 10 years, I have stopped having oral sex fearing that I might get mouth cancer. I have wart virus. What should I do?

Wart Virus. Not sure what the question is however with the virus stopping oral sex is a good idea.
Common concern. Multiple sex partners does increase the risk for contracting hpv and hpv is associated with cancer (genital and oral/throat). However, within 3 years of getting hpv over 90% have cleared it from their body. If you and/or your partner have had hpv it is quite likely gone and the risk for transmission is negligible.
Warts. The best thing you can do is see an oral surgeon or an oral medicine specialist for an evaluation.
Warts. Are products of some oral diseases some are viral , best to get biopsy done for proper treatment.