Painless white discharge from penis just after urinating?

Perhaps Prostate. You may be have some discharge from the prostate that is trailing the urinary stream. Depends on many situations and factors. If you are not having symptoms, observe for a while. If persistent and or if you are having symptoms of other concerns, get it checked out by your pcp or with a urologist. Sounds like a benign (not so important) problem or issue.

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White discharge from penis but its painless just a little sting from peeing but thats it what's going on?

Urethritis. This is likely to be a sexually transmitted infection and you should be seen and treated by a doctor and at the same time tested extensively for other stds. Read more...

I have discharge from penis but no pain when urinating and also sore on erection?

Penile Discharge. It is important that this be medically assessed to determine cause of symptoms (specifically to rule out infections). You can begin with your personal physician. Read more...