7mm periampullary lesion, 3 liver lesions, total beta hCG is high, anion gap-10, monocytes-1.1, chloride high, erc low, cbd & pancreatic duct dilation?

Your question? I appreciate your sharing this, but no one here will be able to make the call. Unless your HCG is extremely high, it means nothing. The other labs are not helpful. Your periampullary lesion has hopefully been biopsied, as will your liver lesions if the radiologist cannot certify them as benign. Hoping celiac sprue has been ruled in or out, along with whipple's and common lactose intolerance.

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With a lesion already identified, bile duct dilation and pain, does this sound malignant? Total beta hCG is high, monocytes-1.1. Anion gap-10

Possibly. Hcg elevates in germ cell tumors and pregnancy. You did not mention a location for the "lesion" perhaps you are just pregnant and have a stone stuck in the biliary tract. If you are positive you are not pregnant, then i would be concerned about possible malignancy. Read more...