Every time I go to the toilet lately to do a poo when I wipe there is bright red blood on the toilet paper. I don't think I have a hemorrhoid?

Exam. You should have this evaluated. Rectal bleeding is not normal and could indicate a growth or condition in the rectum or lower intestinal tract. It's not an emergency unless you start bleeding more rapidly, but have it looked at soon.
Fissure. Anal fissures are very common and often don't need medical attention as they heal naturally. You may want to read a bit on line on sites that have more communication capacity than health tap on caring for an anal fissure at home. If the bleeding persists please see your physician.

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I had bright red blood on my toilet paper and in the toilet after a bowel movement. I have had problems with hemorrhoids. Is it hemorrhoids?

Probably. This would be the most common cause of bright red rectal bleeding in a young adult with a history of hemorrhoid problems, especially if the blood is on the TP or free in the toilet bowel and not mixed with normal appearing stool. Constipation is contributory. If it persists, you should be evaluated to be sure there is not another more serious cause. Read more...

I was diagnosed with internal hemorrhoid. Every time I go to to wipe there is spots of red blood on the toilet paper. Is this normal to always bleed?

NO. You can "calm down" these hemorrhoids by making sure your stool is not hard (by drinking lots of fluids!! PLUS using a hemorrhoidal CREAM with CORTISONE Ask your Pharmacist since this is OTC in most states! Hope this helps! DR Z. Read more...