How do I get pregnant on birth control.

Birth control. There is no birth control that is 100%. None. If you have sexual intercourse always be prepared and understand it is always a possibility to cause a pregnancy regardless of contraception.

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How do I get pregnant when I'm on birth control because of my period being irregular? I want to get pregnant and I'm on birth control because of my period being irregular. So I need help, please. Thanks.

Well . Well first and foremost you need to get off birth control. The only way you will know if you are ovulating is by testing with an ovulation prediction kit, however this will be tricky since you are irregular. I recommend you finish the last pack of pills, and after your period ends start using the ovulation prediction kit about ten days later (from the first day of bleeding). Read the instructions carefully. After one year of trying and not being successful, you and your partner should consult an infertility specialist. Best of luck. Read more...