What could small amounts of leukocytes, ketones, and protein in urine indicate?

Urine analysis. Your leukocytes can indicate a urinary tract infection (uti), your ketones, with no glucose, indicate that you are not ingesting carbohydrates and your protein could indicate the presence of a UTI or proteinuria. Get your physician culture your urine, if it has leucocytes and if it is positive, get start on antibiotics. If you have no uti, get a 24 hour urine for protein to quantify it in it.

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Ketones in urine show 80 and urobolinogen 2.0. Trace protein in urine. All else negative or normal. What does this mean.

Are you starving?DM? These results are interpreted with clinical history. But presence of Ketone suggests starvation and Diabetes? Urobilinogen is the breakdown of Bile pigments which comes from Liver. Read more...