Swollen lymph nodes in neck and a hard, movable lump in armpit. Normal CBC from one week ago. Any idea what it can be? Very anxious right now.

See details. Numerous issues can cause lymph node enlargement but the hard mass in the armpit does give one cause for concern. Without knowing your history and being able to examine the areas involved, it is difficult to give specific advice. However, i would urge a complete evaluation including ct scan if this persists.

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5 Negative HIV tests till 9 months after last exposure, still swollen lymph nodes only in neck for 4 months with normal cbc test?

Lymph nodes. . If you have many lymph nodes appearing in your neck, a more direct diagnostic approach would be to have one or more of the nodes removed and sent to a laboratory for evaluation. Especially if you've already tested negative for HIV. Read more...

2 swollen lymph nodes in neck history of melanoma CBC normal apart from high lymphocytes chest X-ray normal, doc not doing any more tests, worried.

Questions. Lots of questions to help figure this out. Where are the nodes, where was the melanoma, how deep was it and how was it treated? How long ago was the melanoma found? If the nodes are in the drainage basin of the primary melanoma, that is more cause for worry than if they are elsewhere. Read more...