I have ear infection in both ears after suctioning my ears plug up again around two days later why?

Plugged ears. Your ears are getting plugged due to fluid backing up from your sinuses. Seel help from an ENT specialist.
May need longer RX. You are being treated for otitis externa that is infection limited to ear can and not otitis media.2 days of therapy may not be enough and you need to use the drops at least twice a day and if no response, follow up with your doctor or see an ENT doctor.
Perforated eardrums. Most likely explanation is that you eardrums have perforated from the infections and are draining purulent fluid ( pus) this drys and becomes crusted and plugs up. See your doctor or ent. Not something to self treat.
Otitis media? Am assuming you have middle ear infection in which case you may need a decongestant. If this is external ear infection hopefully the use of the otic Ciprofloxacin will suffice, but Acetic Acid in water will also help if this is pseudomonas aeruginosa.