Can you tell me of any way to overcome claustrophobia for fmri / MRI brain scan?

A clinical psycholo- -gist can help w/a treatment called systematic desensitization or self hypnosis training. If time and circumstances do not allow, practice visualizing the process, backing off and relaxing, then doing it again. Belly breathing is effective, not just chest breathing but don't hyperventilate. Like many things, it easier than you think. Peace and good health.

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I wanted a 2nd opinion on a mri brain scan. (have disk). Have been told migraine (no history). scan normal. Severe symptoms. Numbness. Speech. Etc?

Complicated Migraine. Despite the neurological signs / symptoms, a complicated migraine (such as yours) may not show any abnormality on the MRI. The MRI is not the "catch-all" imaging test. (It has fundamental limitations, such as in this situation). the MRI cannot tell us what your nerves feel, only if there is an anatomic problem. Talk to your neurologist or find one on HealthTap Prime to find the next steps. Good L. Read more...