Could drinking chamomile tea help you more then acupuncture with your anxiety & depression?

I find chamomile. Can help one to relax, fall asleep ; diminish anxiety. However, I have a number of psychiatric patients who use acupuncture instead of psychiatric medications with good results. Many mix acupuncture, medicine and some form of talking treatment. Acupuncture is good with depression but can be excellent when used as an adjunct for anxiety treatment.

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On my 16 th day on Lustral 50 for anxiety and depression, can I drink herb like roselle (hibiscus) or chamomile? Or it will interact with Lustral?

No. Most likely Khaled it will not interact but take it with caution because herbs could have side effect and allergy like any other food or medicines so be careful. Bilsalamah inshallah . Read more...