Please tell me, could I take clonazepam and drink alcohol together?

No. This is a dangerous and even potentially life-threatening combination, depending on your health, the dose of clonazepam, and how much you drink. Often alcohol abuse is the cause of the anxiety, and doctors who either do not ask about it, or were not given truthful answers, will prescribe benzodiazepines, sometimes with disastrous results (coma, brain damage, death). Talk to your doctor about it.

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Yesterday I took my first dose of klonopin ever it was. 5 mg I was wondering when is it safe to drink alcohol? It's been 26 hrs since the last dose

Not a good idea. I would not advise alcohol use by anyone being prescribed clonazepam. After 24 hours the clonazepam is pretty well out of the system but if one needed to take a clonazepam within the last 24 hours for whatever reason probably best not to be drinking. Read more...

Ativan, pill cnt: 16, . 5 mg, took two per day. Klonopin, (clonazepam). 5mg, 30 cnt, took one four days ago after running out of ativan. When can I drink alcohol?

Addiction. Never. That is the best answer in your case and for your life. These drugs should never be taken together. They should only be taken sparingly. And when on such medications it is unsafe to drink. Have you considered sobriety? Read more...