Can you get anaplastic bladder cancer after a bladder infection.?

Not likely. Bladder infections are quite common, especially in women and have not been shown to be causally related to carcinoma of the bladder. If a bladder cancer is detected along with a urinary infection, it may appear that infection led to cancer, when it happens to be a co-incidence.
Unlikely. Bladder infection/s are not directly related to bladder cancer. Long standing bladder irritation from a long term indwelling catheter which will cause recurrent or persistent bladder infections & combination can cause cancer. Similarly presence of a longstanding bladder stone or intestinal bladder enlargement associated with bladder infections. Smoking or chemical exposure are > causes of cancer.
Bladder cancer follo. While most bladder cancer in the us is of the transitional type and probably related to cigarette smoking, most bladder cancer in the nile delta is of the squamous cell type and probably related to chronic irritation/inflammation. It is probably not appropriate to say that every UTI would result in bladder ca (especially of the "anaplastic" type), but it would be wise to avoid repeated infections.

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Do urinary infections eventually lead to bladder cancer?

No. Urinary tract infections in the U.S. Have not been linked to the future development of bladder cancer. However, there is a bladder infection with a certain organism found in the middle east that commonly causes bladder cancer there; it is not an infection prevalent in the U.S.
Unlikely. Unless utis are associated with long term indwelling urinary catheter.

How would you know if you a bladder infection or bladder cancer?

Symptoms. Pain with urination, urinary frequency, and passing blood in the urine can be symptoms of bladder cancer or infection. Sending a urine specimen to the lab can help differentiate the two, but the definitive test is a cystoscopy. In this exam a urologist inserts a camera into the bladder through the urethra and taking a sample of any abnormal growths.

Bladder sling, infection past 3yrs, max growth in culture, flesh partials in culture, possible bladder cancer? ?

NOt really. Your question is a bit hard to understand. If you or family member had a sling for urinary stress incontinence, this can lead to bladder outlet obstruction and uti's. You need to be seen by a urologist and have a urodynamics test and cystoscopy to ensure no foreign body in the urethra or bladder (part of the sling). Cysto will evaluate for potential bladder tumor.
Likely not. You should see your urologist and ask for a basic work-up. It should include a look in the bladder and a simple urine residual ultrasound. Mesh in the wrong location or placed in the wrong patient can cause a lot of difficulties. You should have this taken care of sooner than later.

Would having no visible blood and bacteria present in urine without other infection symptoms indicate bladder cancer?

Not clear what you w. It is unclear as to what you want to know. Do you want to know symptoms of bladder cancer? This cancer typically presents with painless hematuria (blood in the urine). But some patients may have pain or sudden stoppage of urine flow if their tumor is polypoid but the blockage is intermittent. Urinary infections can also be a presenting feature in some cases.

What are symtoms of bladder cancer? I had some bleeding, under ware stained been checked for infections don't have any vd, had my insides taken out years ago, burning iching lower pain, have taken the med actos, (pioglitazone)

The. The most common symptoms of bladder cancer are: - blood in the urine - usually not painful (9 out of 10 people with bladder cancer will have this) - urinating small amounts frequently - pain during urination - frequent urinary tract infections as you can see, those symptoms are pretty vague and many other more common illnesses can have the same symptoms such as a urinary tract infection, kidney or bladder stone, or a sexually transmitted disease just to name a few. Some people also have: - weight loss - a lump or mass in the pelvic area - flank pain - bone pain - swelling in the lower legs - anemia if your symptoms are not improving, see your doctor again. If they are not sure what is going on, then it might be helpful to see a specialist such as a urologist. Good luck!
Hematuria. While blood in the urine needs to be worked up by a urologist, Actos (pioglitazone) has not been convincingly associated with bladder cancer. You should see a urologist for evaluation.

Ultrasound found kidney infection. I have blood in urine but they did many other tests. If I had bladder cancer would it show in ultrasound?

No. Ultrasound is not a good way to detect bladder cancer unless the bladder cancer is big. Flat carcinoma in situ or small cancer cannot be seen with ultrasound. Do urine screening, if positive, do cystoscope exam.

60 yr old male, blood in urine, painful urination, bladder pain, Tests say no stones or infection. Cysto scheduled. It is always bladder cancer?

Possibilities. There are several different conditions that may present in this manner, and "tests" (which you have not specified) may not exclude stones or infection. Although cancer is always a consideration would not be overly concerned until a specific diagnosis has been established.
Not necessarily. Did you get a CAT scan of the kidneys and ureters already? I realize this may be causing some anxiety for you, but we don't want to jump to conclusion too soon without having all the test results.
No. Blood in the urine may have a number of different causes ranging from simple infection, stones, to cancer. The cysto is a very useful test to evaluate the bladder for any signs of abnormalities. If the bladder is normal then the source of the bleeding may be the kidney.