How much does allograft ACL reconstruction cost?

Thousands. According to cole dw, et al from wake forest university in arthroscopy 2005, the average hospital charge for allograft acl reconstruction was $4622. Nagda, et al in corr 2010 reported a mean cost of $5465. These costs do not include preoperative office visits, MRI to confirm diagnosis of acl tear, postoperative physical therapy. Costs may vary by practice, hospital, asc, insurance, etc.
Wide range. There is a wide range of costs of medical care. Much of it often depends on the type of insurance and where the service is being performed. An insurance contracted rate for the entire procedure along with all professional fees can be anywhere from $4500 to $12, 000. An allograft acl done at a cash rate can often be done at a surgical center for the low end of that estimate.