Is leukemia like agranulocytosis?

Different. Agranulocytosis is abscence of granulocyte- or known as neutrophils/segmented white blood cell.There are different causes of agranulocytosis- like drug, congenital etc. Leukemia is a cancer of white blood cells. In leukemia, normal blood cells can be supressed by the abnormal leukemic cells- and patient can be presented with low /abscence of granulocytes, as well as anemia or decrease in platelets.
No. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood producing cells of the bone marrow. Agranulocytosis is the absence of granulocytes, also know as neutrophils. These are very different diseases.

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What is the difference between leukemia and agranulocytosis?

Agranulocytosis. Agranulocytosis is a condition where there is a marked decrease of granulocytes , a type of white blood cells that are supposed to fight for infection. Agranulocytosis can happen in patient with acute leukemia-but also it can be caused by some other things- i.e. - -drugs ( which is actually probably the most common cause of agranulocytosis) ; infection, other bone marrow problems. Read more...