Could omega-3 medicine helps improve condition of an ADHD patient?

At least one study . in children showed that adding Omega 3's & Omega 6's to multimodal treatment of ADHD that included stimulant medications led to mild, but statistically significant, reduction of ADHD symptoms. No study has shown that using Omegas 3 & 6 alone reduces ADHD symptoms. .
ADHD and Omega 3. The omega 3 fatty acid DHA is very important for the brain, and that could help improve the condition of an ADHD patient.
ADHD and Omega-3. There is some preliminary evidence that supplementation with high-dose omega-3 fatty acids may be valuable for certain populations, including persons with adhd. Because omega-3's insert into brain cell membranes they may play a role in brain signalling and integration, and ultimately in daily functioning. I suggest talking to a psychiatrist with expertise in adhd, as this may be a valuable option.

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Can omega-3 medicine helps improve condition of an ADHD patient?

Depends. The research is mixed. There is a prescription medical food -vayarin that is fda approved for adhd and it can work very well. In most products, omegas are not well absorbed in the brain, and therefore don't work well. Vayarin is very well absorbed by the brain. However, it is only available in a few states, including texas, colorado, south carolina, and virginia. Read more...