Can corneal abrasions lead to blindness?

Rarely. Very rarely do corneal abrasions lead to a permanent loss of vision - this is usually from a subsequent infection that is not treated quickly. Usually, abrasions heal with either no vision loss or very mild vision changes.
Corneal abrasion. It is rare for corneal abrasions to lead to blindness. If the abrasion becomes infected and is not treated properly it could lead to scarring of the cornea and a decrease in vision.

Related Questions

In what way can corneal abrasions lead to blindness?

Unlikely. Corneal abrasions are a loss of the surface skin of the cornea, usually just a small portion. Healing usually is rapid and complete. Rarely there can be scarring, and if it is central can affect focusing. If neglected, infection is possible which might lead to vision loss. Abrasions are extremely common, and vision changes afterwards are very rare. Read more...

How bad must a case of corneal abrasions be, when left untreated, for it to lead to blindness?

Not by itself. Corneal abrasion, even completly removing the outer lining will not lead to blindness even if untreated (although it will be painful for a while) Only if the abraded surface gets infected, or the abrasion is caused by an agent like lye or causes damage deeper than the surface, can vision be affected in the long run. Read more...