How to know if I have fracture or a bone bruise?

X-rays. While physical examination may reveal an exquisite point of tenderness along a bone, this may be due to a contusion along the lining of the bone (i.e., the periosteum). X-rays (radiographs) will help distinguish if a bone is bruised or fractured.

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If it is not a bone fracture, is it a bone bruise?

No. No as a bone bruise is a finding that is usually made on MRI there will not be a crack or fracture but evidence of swelling or fluid or a bruise in a bone a regular tissue bruise or. Hematoma may be more common . A bone bruise is usually diagnosed when an MRI is ordered for an injury suspicious for fracture but the plain x-ray criteria are not met and the MRI shows injury but no fracture. Read more...

I got hit in the outer left wrist with a 90 mph fastball no fracture it could be a bone bruise. How long should I wait until returning to baseball?

Gradual return... Work your way back into baseball as your swelling/ pain decreases &you regain full motion/ strength. You may also expect that returning to certain activities may be more difficult than others. Part of this will be based on whether you have injured your dominant/ non-dominant wrist & your position. With any persistent symptoms consider additional imaging, such as an mri, to r/o soft tissue inj. Read more...