Please tell me, could my orthodontic retainer work as a bite guard to protect against nighttime teeth grinding?

Depends on the type. A traditional hawley retainer (acrylic and wires) normally will not work as a 'bite guard'. However, a full occlussal coverage bit guard (gelb) can work as a retainer. Speak to your orthodontist to get one that will work to protect against grinding and serve as a retentative appliance.
Of course. The full coverage bite guard will also help keep the top from moving. This is simply a night time retainer.
Not good. Retainers are designed to preserve new tooth positions. Night guards are designed to prevent grinding. Different functions, different designs.
It's possible. If you had invisalign trays for your orthodontics, then you could use the tray as a brux guard, however there is not much thickness there and could be abraded very easily. If you have a traditional retainer without the surfaces of your teeth covered, then the answer is no. Ask your dentist if you have any questions.
Most likely no. An orthodontic retainer is not designed to protect the occlusal surfaces from contact and trauma. I bruxism guard can actually serve both purposes. Speak to your orthodontist about options for your situation.
Ortho retainer. I just saw a patient with the same problem. He has retainers and he has used an nti for chronic grinding/clenching. I talked to his orthodontist who said he could make a comination appliance. Talk to your orthodontist about a combination appliance.
Different functions. Retainers and night. Guards have different functions, ask your dentist or orthodontist if he or she can make some modifications to your existing retainers.To acumodat your brauxisem symptoms.

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Could my orthodontic retainer work as a bite guard to protect against nighttime teeth grinding?

Yes and no. Some types of orthodontic retainers will protect against nighttime grinding, some will not. Ask your dentist or orthodontist for the type that will. Read more...
Only if . Only if retainer goes across the chewing surfaces of the teeth and is adjusted to eliminate interferences. On the other hand, an occlusal orthotic makes an excellent retainer. Sports mouth guards should be used for that purpose only. Read more...
Temporary solution. The nite guards are made from a much more durable acrylic material than retainers. If you are broxing and grinding on orthodontic retainer, you'll damage the retainer. Ask your orthodontist for nite guard. Night guards should only be worn at night, during the day you can use your regular retainer. Read more...
Maybe. Depends upon type of material of the mouthpiece, upper or lower, thickness, hard or soft, cover all or just some of the teeth. You may get several opinions on this topic. Read more...