Will eating ginger bother my ulcerative colitis.?

Probably. What goes in must come out. Careful of spices and food additives.
May be. Ginger is used since ancient times in various diseases, recently shown useful as diet supplement especially in ulcerative colitis, the volatile oils have antioxident.Antiinflamatory, cytotoxic , and hypolipidemic ( cholesterol reducing ) factors, may help, it also shown in rats, the effect is comparable to standard medication sulfasalzine used in ulcerative colitis.No human studies available.

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I have BAD ulcerative colitis, it feels as though theres a piranha eating my stomach. I have 100% piece of bowel lining in my poo, I feel like im dyin?

UC flare. You may be describing a flare of your ulcerative colitis. This deserves immediate attention to avoid what can be very significant (and potentially life-threatening) complications. PLEASE, seek emergency care now. Read more...

I had a disease named ulcerative colitis then I surgeries done remove the whole colon. They put a pouch there. Suggest for further life eating n life?

You will be OK. Diseases colon which has a potential of developing cancer was removed , pouch will help you to have near normal bowel function, you need to be follows by your doctors especially the remaining rectal stump need to be checked, probably you may have on a diet that suits the pouch, females can get pregnant, join support groups good luck with your pouch. Read more...

What can cause difficulty swallowing, excessive burping, and occasional vomiting after eating in patient with previous history of ulcerative colitis?

Many things. The symptoms you are describing seem to be coming from your upper gastrointestinal tract. Ulcerative colitis normally affects the lower GI tract and presents with diarrhea. Gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux disease commonly present with burping and vomiting. Given your history of uc, it is best to be evaluated by a health professional. Read more...