My 1-1/2 old child had 2 sets of tubes. Hib b was the culprit both x's. She still getting infections w/ tubes. Is there a natural remedy for Hib b?

See below. Haemophilus influenzae type b is a bacterial germ that may account for ear/sinus infections for your child. The best protection is through vaccination starting at 2 months. By 15 months 4 total should have been administered. Other factors could account for the ear infections. See if your pediatrician or ENT suspect allergies of the nose/immunodeficiencies. Hand washing is the best prevention!
Otitis media. I can think of 4 factors as "natural remedy" for ear infections - avoid exposure to persons with respiratory illnesses and exposure to secondhand smoke; no bottlefeeding lying down on her back; good nutrition; patient waiting for your daughter to grow to 2 years of age and beyond. The hib infection she has gotten was probably from the nontypable variety which is not prevented by the hib vaccine.
No. Prevention through immunization has hugely improved the consequences of this disease., including death and permanant brain damage.Other than good immunity and good luck, there are no "natural" cures. Antibiotics do work.