Our dr. Made "miracle mouthwash." this is what it says on the bottle: "tetra/nysta/hydro/q-dry/cherr." what do each of these mean?

See below. Tetra can be tetracycline an antibiotic or tetracaine - an anesthetic nysta- is Nystatin an antifungal hydro - not sure q-dry - not sure cherr is most likely cherry flavoring.
Formula* Tetracycline hydrocortizone nystatin cherry flavored syrup q-drl = dyphenhydramine * don't try to whip up a batch at home :-).
Mixture. This is a soothing mixture of a topical anesthetic, an antifungal medication, an antihistamine and flavoring.
Frequently used inER. Mix of liquid tetracane (numbing), nyastatin (antifungal), antacid, and flavoring... Your pharm should give you a complete description or contents.