Could I take ibuprofen if I have high blood pressure?

With awareness. Ibuprofen can affect the potency of certain blood (BP) pressure treatment medicines. So if you are on medicines such as Lisinopril or similar "ace" inhibitors, then taking Ibuprofen can be an issue. Get yourself an omron wrist (portable) BP cuff ; see what the effect is. Most hbp is curable, so review your weight/alcohol/diet/salt/sodium intake to go for cure. Hrs, md, facc www.Thepmc.Org.

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I have high blood pressure problem and I take valsartan 40 every night since last year. Does it heart my body?

No. The medicine has been well-studied in so many patients for many patient years and has been without problem in those who tolerate it. It is one of those that have proven to decrease LVH in those with hypertension and its type is used widely in patients with diabetes for kidney protection. Read more...