Could doctors prescribe androgel to men with normal testo level?

Here are some ... Testosterone supplement is not a panacea for men's vitality so it should not be used until probably evaluated and documented with blood test. Therefore, for any concern related ways and low testosterone, please see PCP or endocrinologist or urologist before embarking on taking such supplement. Besides, quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence remains the core foundation of all healthcare.
LOW T EVAL. Low T Evaluation and diagnosis of cause is critical. At 41 it is unusal and needs a through workup exam/labs/testiciular US/ and potentially a brain MRI. You will need regular Monitering of testosterone and PSA levels . Follow up with a through PCP and endocrine consult. Low T can cause symptoms of male menopause =ANDROPAUSE. Including anxiety/depression/insomnia. Normal T is not treated.