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Is the swine flu supposed to be deadlier than avian flu?

Avian flu is deadlie. Avian flu id deadlier than swine flu. The epidemic occured in china and vietnam with high mortality rate.
Agree w Dr. Shafai. Avian flu has had > 50% fatality rate in infected people.

Is swine flu as deadly as they the avian flu?

Flu is flu. The swine flu of 2009 was fortunately not as deadly as anticipated. Flu is flu and affects the most susceptible (usually the young and old) the worst. Each flu outbreak is a slightly different strain then the last one so it is hard to say which is worst as an outbreak is affected by season, temperature, crowding, and susceptibility of the population. Keep up vitamin d levels, wash hands, eat well.

Can avian flu give you swine flu?

No. Each subtype of flu (eg avian vs swine) are different viruses, meaning they have different genetics. One does not predispose to the other but you can be infected with one and then later another type of flu.
Swine flu. No, avian flu and swine flu are different strains, and one does not cause the other.

How accurate is it that it was two types of swine flu, the avian flu and the human flu?

Flu. The names and types of are often related to the living source in which the flu lives chronically, called endemic source. Swine flu (also called h1n1) is endemic in pigs and avian or bird flu (h5n1) resides in birds. How the different influenzas are transmitted to humans and the symptoms produced depends on a lot of factors.

The world health organization raised the swine flu alerts. What happens when it gets to avian flu?

Avian flu is very de. Avian flu is very deadly. Because is transmitted fron chicken there needs to be constant vigilance to detect and destroy the infected birds and quarantine and treat the infected people.

What is the difference between bird flu and swine flu?

Different strains. There are a large number of different varieties of influenza virus that have natural affinity for different species. Bird flu and swine flu are two such strains. The animal viruses occasionally acquire the ability to infect humans.
Different strains. Avian flu (h5n1) and swine flu (h1n1) are different strains and have different rates of infection and typical courses when they infect people. The cdc has lots of great info on this. For more information... http://www. Cdc. Gov.

Why is swine flu more deadly than the bird flu?

Not necessarily true. Any influenza can be mild or fatal. The severity of an epidemic is determined by the efficiency of transmission and the prevalence of immunity in the population which is infected. For any one individual, there is very little difference in the severity of swine and avian influenza. For a community, the above described factors as well as many others can contribute to the severity of an outbreak.

How come swine flu more deadly literally than bird flu?

Not necessarily. Correct. There are multiple stains of both swine and bird flu and each strain has different pattern of disease and death rate.