I've been having blood on the toilet paper for 3 days after I have a bowel movement. It's bright red. What are some possible causes? I'm scared

Blood on paper. You have a source of blood loss, most commonly from hemorrhoids (h). You should be seen by a gastroenterologist to make sure you have h and not something else. If there are no h you will likely need a colonoscopy to rule out lesions in your colon. Good luck.
Hard bowel movement. In contrast to illnesses in which the stool itself is bloody, bright red blood on the toilet paper following a difficult bowel movement by moments to days is almost always the result of mechanical injury to the tissues around the anus. It's not a cause for concern. If this becomes a lasting problem, advice about diet or a stool softener may be a big help.
Possibilities... Blood in stool is a warning sign. Causes of bleeding may be predictable (e.G rectal trauma, fissure, hemorrhoids with straining), but evaluation is always appropriate. A rule of thumb (but not absolute): black stool means bleeding comes from upper GI tract; grape jelly stool from small bowel; silver stool from biliary tree; burgundy stool from right colon; red blood from left colon to anus.

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I had bright red blood on my toilet paper and in the toilet after a bowel movement. I have had problems with hemorrhoids. Is it hemorrhoids?

Probably. This would be the most common cause of bright red rectal bleeding in a young adult with a history of hemorrhoid problems, especially if the blood is on the TP or free in the toilet bowel and not mixed with normal appearing stool. Constipation is contributory. If it persists, you should be evaluated to be sure there is not another more serious cause. Read more...

Slight red blood on toilet paper after bowel movement. What could this be?

Many things. Blood streamed on the toilet paper is typically due to a fissure or hemorrhoid. However even slight bleeding can come from more serious things such as a polyp or growth in the colon as well as colitis. Read more...