How can I tell when my 6 month old baby has fluid in his ear after he's had an ear infection and taken all antibiotics as he keeps pulling at ear how?

See below. It is not too uncommon that infant continues pulling at ear even after ear infection subsides. As long as infant remains afebrile and playful, "wait and watch" approach for 2 weeks is reasonable. The fluid accumulated in middle ear as a part of ear infection takes 2-4 weeks to clear up after acute inflammation subsides.
Effusion middle ear. Only your doctor can tell by otoscopic exam. Tympanometry, part of hearing test can also confirm fluid in middle ear.

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My 6 month old baby has had dark hard wax coming out if his ear for the past 2 weeks he also had an ear infection and was on antib- should I worry?

Not to worry. It is great the hard wax is coming out of his ears on its own ! finish the antibiotics and follow up with your pediatrician as scheduled . If you are still concerned , address this at follow up . Read more...

My 6 month old baby has had 2 doses of antibioics in the last 6 weeks for a ear infection and now a throat infection is this ok?

It happens. Clearing ear infections in small infants is sometimes difficult, with reinfection rates running 10% by a month out if it even cleared at all. I encourage parents to use probiotic preparations to help reduce the effect on the kids happy germs that help digestion. Read more...