Lately I've had a few red bumps appear on my legs and one on my arm. They are red with a white head and go away fast could it be herpes?

Folliculitis. The most common explanation for scattered self-limiting minute pustules is infected skin pores. An antibacterial soap, avoidance of scratching and scrupulously cleaned fingernails are useful to prevent skin infections.
Herpes simplex. The description you provide does not necessarily suggest herpetic infection, nor do the areas involved. The only way, however, to determine what these are is to have them examined by a physician. Go and see somebody and deal with these effectively. Good luck.

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I have 2 tiny red bumps on each thigh. They have a white head. Is this herpes?

This does not sound. like herpes, but without seeing it, we can't make a diagnosis on this platform. Please see your doctor to be properly diagnosed if you are concerned. If you are a HealthTap Prime member, you can do a virtual consult there with one of us and send a photo or show us on the video consult. Read more...