I've been told I hv a complex ovarian cyst and multiple fibroids some of which r calcified. D fibroids r inside and outside my uterus. Should I worry?

More information. More information is needed to adequately address your question. Complex ovarian masses in 31 year olds, are typically benign, but your doctor knows your history and can give you expert opinion on that mass. Calcification of fibroids is normal and is not a sign of malignancy. Fibroids can be inside of uterus and on outside of uterus, location can affect fertility, bleeding and pain. Good luck!
Seek Gyn help. Your gynecologist can help you sort it out. Just get checked every 6 months and get the doctor to check you both by pelvic exam as well as ultrasound of your uterus and ovary. As long as you are being monitored, you should do fine.