Blood work shows iron at 178 and a/g ratio at 2.8 both high. Also protein in urine. Everything else normal. What could be?

Lab values. Your iron level is normal and you have a high a/g ratio. Causes of this are, such as genetic disorders, high protein/high carbohydrate diets, and a few genetic disorders are some of the conditions where a high a/g ratio will be present, among others. Your proteinuria is a problem. Collect your urine for 24 hours to get a measurement of your renal function and how much proteinuria you have/day.
I'll be you're fine. I am going to assume that you had a bunch of labs drawn. Each individual value has a reference range set so that 5% of healthy folks fall outside. I am also going to assume that all the rest of your routine labs are normal. The iron and a/g ratio do not worry me. If the protein was trace, it's no concern. If 1+ or more, next is check for orthostatic proteinuria with morning urine.