How much is the cost if I go to a ob/gyn and get a ultrasound and urine test? I'm 19 years old and live in irvin, tx. (i don't know if I'm pregnant)

Pregnancy test. To buy a urine pregnancy test in the drug store costs 10-20 dollars.
Why an ultrasound? You can get a pregnancy test kit as well as urinary infection test strips at your local pharmacy and save $. You can always call your local OB dr. And ask total cost of visit including ultrasound (if u really need one) and compare in price with your local hospital as well as with afree standing radiology/ultrasound office. The latter will probably be the cheapest (not always the best).
Planned parenthood. You also might consider calling planned parenthood to their office in irvin: 1111 w airport freeway #207 irving, tx 75062 p: 972.258.0021 | f: 972.258.1527.
Blood test. You can also opt for a blood draw pregnancy test at many lab testing centers. Www. Labtestmd. Com has good info. You may contact them to see if there is a location near you. Do not worry about ultrasound. If you are pregnant, your OB will know if one is indicated for you.