Doctor does having creatine and drinking much water causes fatty liver or any other liver problems?

Fatty liver risks. Fatty liver is incredibly common, predominantly due to: high alcohol intake, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity. The more of these risks you have, the greater the chance of fatty liver. Addressing these risks is an important step to avoiding ;/or correcting fatty liver. Nash (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) is associated with abnormal liver function blood tests ; can lead to fibrosis ; cirrhosis.
No! Carbs,Sugar&Etoh. Body ability to store sugar is low ; sugar used, in small amts, before fats. Sugar (ie. All carbs) in food (beyond low ongoing needs) quickly converted by liver into fat ; if liver unable to export fat fast enough; fatty liver results. Thus reduce carb intake, including fruit, so liver can convert fat back to sugar ; ketones (quite healthy). Study dietdoctor, taubes, lusting, attia, fatheadmovie.