Does drinking caffeine contribute to weight-loss?

No. No, but caffeine can contribute to dehydration (temporary fluid-related weight loss) and anxiety.
Caffeine. It can to some degree. Caffeine is ephedrine/amphetamines/speed in that it is a mild stimulant. Caffeine competitively inhibits different Adenosine receptors and as a result can make a person feel alert. A mild stimulant of the central nervous system, caffeine also stimulates heart muscle, relaxes smooth muscle, increases gastric secretions, and is a diuretic. This can cause mild weight loss.

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How can I get my caffeine without drinking soda? Trying to lose weight but hate those headache from not drinking my caffeine!

NoDoz (caffeine) NoDoz is a formulation of caffeine .. However, definitely not advisable for any type of use over a few days. Your best bet is to titrate the caffeine dosage down each day over a week or 2. Might be helpful, though, just until your body adjusts to not having that morning jolt. Hope that helps! Read more...