I enjoy plucking my eyebrows and pulling out unwanted hair, but can this lead to trichotillomania?

If it is obsessive. Cosmetics is one thing, but obsessive behavior to deal with anxiety and stress is another. You may not think that your plucking is a problem, but be open-minded to others if they suggest that the habit appears to be excessive.
Is it too much? If this is just a necessity helping to look good, then no problem. If you plucked your eyebrows too much, or there are bald spots on your head as a result of pulled hair, than you need to see a doctor. You mentioned pleasure... Is this really an urge?Again, the best way to find out is to seek professional advice.
Where 2 Draw Line? Chronic hair pulling - trichotillomania- is a body-focused repetitive behavior (bfrb). "trich" can arise in response to (a) emotions - anxiety, fear, boredom, excitement; &/or (b) detecting some roughness/imperfection of hair/skin. Hair pulling can feel pleasurable & can serve to relieve tension. There are effective treatments. Learn about trich @ trich.Org. U might consider consulting an expert.