Can you get STDs through anal sex?

Absolutuely. Yes! As well as other infections and trauma and permanent damage to the anal sphincters. The anus was designed as an exit not an entrance.
Of COURSE! Its still sexual contact isnt it? All you need to spread STDs is skin-to-skin contact for some and contact with infected secretions for others. Gonorrhea in the anus is common, hpv causes anal cancer and spread by secretions contacting the anus (even during vaginal sex with secretions sliding down), HIV and syphilis can spread thru anal sex. Safe sex no matter what type please!

Related Questions

What std can be caught through anal sex?

Anal sex. Gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, HPV, hepatitis, HIV and syphilis may be transmitted through anal sex.
All. STD. HIV, Hepatitis, syphilis, GI and C, Herpes and Condyloma.

If neither partner has an STD could you get an STD from anal sex?

Not really, but... The direct answer is no: if neither partner is infected, nothing can be transmitted to the other one. However, normal bacteria in the rectum can infect a man's urethra, causing discharge and painful urination like gonorrhea or nongonococcal urethritis (NGU). Also, minor injury to the anus or rectum can cause symptoms similar to those of some STDs.

Can you get an STD having anal sex of neither partner has an std?

No. As long as you are completely certain that neither partner has an STD. If there is any doubt, use a condom, which prevents the transmission of STD's. Hope this helps!
No. If neither of you have an STD, then you cannot catch it.

Can two STD free males get an STD if they have anal sex?

No, BUT.... Routine sts testing does not include hpv (which can cause anal cancers), does not rule out herpes or lgv, and may miss early stages of hiv. Unless both partners have never had sex before, the best approach is to be safe and use condoms at all times!

Does it ever happen that a girl get an STD from having anal sex?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Protection should be used with any sexual activity. Unprotected anal receptive sex has ^ risk for transmission of infections due to rectal microorganisms as well std's due to tearing of delicate tissues.

If I have a vaginal STD can my partner get infected if we have anal sex or I give him oral sex?

STD. Depending upon the type of STD the answer is generally yes, you can often infect your partner through anal or oral sex. Go and get treated or use a condom on his penis.