When should you get a tetanus booster before you're 10 years out from the last one?

Tetanus booster. The current recommendation is every ten years. However, there is a five-year option if you sustain a dirty deep cut like a punctured wound from a rusty nail outside.
THREE TO FIVE YEARS. Ten years is a routine booster dose. For any animal bites, road side injuries and from rusty metal, rule of thumb is 3 to 5 years.
Reminder-TdaP! If getting a booster as an adult, rather than the tetanus vaccine (td), please ensure you receive the tetanus booster with the pertussis vaccine (tdap). Statewide epidemics (largest one is currently in california) have revealed waning immunity to the "whooping cough" and is responsible to infant deaths- most traced from adults who have pertussis despite being vaccinated as a child.