Does the consumption of coconut oil increase or decrease your risk for heart attacks?

It may. Cocconut oil consumption may increase your bad cholesterol which may increase the risk of heart attack. Corn oil or canola oil are among the best cooking oils. Olive oil is also good for heart if used raw, like maditranean diets are rich in olive oil with low incidence of heart problems in that population.
Probably increases. There are numerous studies that show that the intake of coconut and other saturated oils increases the ldl-c (bad cholesterol) and lowers the good (hdl-c). There are also numerous studies showing that high ldl-c and low hdl-c are both risk factors for atherosclerosis and heart attack. No one has done a prospective study on coconut oil's direct impact , but the available science says avoid it.
No studies. I'm afraid there are no studies that would show one way or another. It would generally make sense though that if you replace things like margarine with coconut oil, that you would do better. In addition, there is now some evidence, some of which is anecdotal, that coconut oil may help alzheimer's disease patients.

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