How do you know if you have true post-traumatic stress disorder?

PTSD symptoms. If you have undergone an experience that is overwhelming and you subsequently have noticed changes in you personality/day to day attitude, you may be suffering ptsd. One can shut down emotionally - numb out, and alternately become hypervigilant - scanning the world expecting a recurrence. Intrusive symptoms are the hallmark and can include: nightmares, startling easily, flashbacks, affect storms.
In general, PTSD can. Develop after involvement in a life threatening or horrific experience (s). This can lead to reliving (nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive memories), avoidance (of people, places or things that trigger painful memories or feelings) ; ^'ed arousal (hypervigilance, ^'ed startle, etc). To really know if you have ptsd - recommend evaluation by a psychiatrist or a psychologist who is experienced w ptsd.